Origami Class

Origami Class

People who just has known about Origami (art of paper folding) think that it is only an entertainment or game from paper. Yet Origami has many essential meanings. In creating Origami form, one is learning to be well-mannered reflected on suppleness of paper according to pattern they are making, creative from various kind of Origami, patient in folding each detail until become real beautiful form. From learning these attitudes, someone will become well-mannered in solving problems in one’s life, skillful person in creating new idea and one will not see a problem from only one point of view, also patient person to be zealous in a certain field that will give advantage for oneself and other people.      

All of the attitudes that someone can learn from creating Origami is summarized in one concept of 和 ‘wa’ that means ‘harmony’. Let’s look at creating Origami from the beginning. It uses square paper with same size of each side. Then, every folding is based on principal of horizontal and vertical folding line and also other folding pattern that have to be balance. If we ignore the balance of folding, a beautiful form of Origami will not be realized.   

Origami Class:

Private : Rp. 100.000,-/hour

(3 to 5 forms depends on its difficulty)

Class : Rp. 150.000,-/hour,

3 meetings, 1,5 hour/meeting

Minimum 5 persons

* Other program of origami depends on request of the learners/customers